Clash of clans – is it worth to play?

This is one clash of clans’ review you should read! This is a wonderful game to play that is free to download and free to play but please note that there are items within the game that can be purchased with the payment of real money. With that being said the more real money that you invest into the game than the faster you can rise to the number one position. Spending real money and choosing those who you join forces with very wisely are the two main things that can help see you on your way to the very top. And here is the tested Clash of clans hack.


I built my village to fend off from all of the raiders, I have battled against several millions of players … Continue reading

Jane’s WWII Fighters

Guys, today we have here one precious simulator game. It’s name starts with Jane’s, which was once time ago a name for quality. And the same is this flight simulator from World war II. World war II started on 1st of September 1939 by attack on Poland from the Germans side. Well Nazi German. And it ended in 1945. There are two dates for this. The war as a whole ended on 2nd of September 1945 – 6 years and 1 day – by the Japan capitulati0n. In Europe it ended sooner – on 8th of May 1945 – by the unconditional Germans surrender. It was awful, full of barbarities and full of dead. This is the whole true as each war is wrong. And you can read about this elsewhere. Today we will be talking about the WWII fighter … Continue reading

Simpsons Tapped Out My Gaming Experience

Simpsons Tapped Out is fun game that is probably best enjoyed by longtime Simpsons fans. The game starts with the destruction and scattering of Springfield residents. In the beginning you control Homer to help rebuild Springfield. The game starts with a pretty heavy handed and lengthy tutorial which has you doing tasks like rebuilding the Simpsons’ house, creating some roads, and cleaning up polluted land. Each task you complete gives you money that can purchase upgrades and new items.  If you are out of money, you can try this tool HACK tool.Each task takes a set amount of time, but the task can be completed instantly by using a certain amount of donuts.

That is where the brains behind the Simpsons Tapped Out are hoping to … Continue reading

Shadow Fight 2 Short Game Review

Shadow Fight 2 is a game that has brought the browser based Facebook fighting game to iOS. There is special tool called Shadow Fight Hack  already available. The game also comes with different types of action and impressive animations. The RPG gameplay is also perfect for touch screen. This makes the game easy and fun to play. This game is well designed to fit all your gaming needs. The game follows the 2D fighting genre. It encourages the player to win the best of three matches against a computer controlled opponent.

Shadow Fight 2 game uses Silhoutte character style. There are also physics-based and realistic fighting animations. These animations are so real that it almost seems like you are fighting a real enemy. There are different types of attacks to allow you attack your … Continue reading

Simcity – short history and present


Do you know when the very first SimCity was released, how it was played and how it looked like? What about the whole series? I will try to present you the whole SimCity tree in this post. I will give you a short history and present games, including mobile games.

What is it about? Somebody might thing that it is simple to run the city and to be the major. But this game will teach you how your citizens can be disappointed in major. It is about building the city itself like a major. It means you are not allowed to build a houses, commercial or industry. Like in the real world you just plan it and select the parts of city where this can be build – you are doing the city zoning. And you must not forget that … Continue reading